The Sunshine State

What a beautiful sunny day in south Florida today! It has been really gloomy outside for almost a week up until today! Glad to also have a break from the daily rain.

I can’t believe it is almost October and fall! Next month we start doing a lot of plant shows, almost every weekend until the beginning of December. Please check out our show schedule and come visit our booth! Our next show is in Sarasota at Tropiflora Nursery.

There are a lot of new updates on the website this week!
I have been adding some cool new plants including Begonias, ground orchids, flowering trees and more!
Please also check out our “featured” page.  I update this category frequently with plants that look nice this season, new plants, and plants that haven’t been available in a long time and are now ready!

We have a nice selection on eBay this week; look for our Hoya listings that will be ending this Saturday night. Our username is rareflora, e-mail me if you have trouble finding us ( I will also be adding more hoyas and some pre-bonsai plants this Fri or Sat night so keep an eye out for those auctions!

Next month we will be adding heat packs back for shipping purposes. Heat packs are shipping warmers that help protect your plants from the cold during transit. The ones that we offer are $2 each and they last 72+ hours.  We have been using heat packs for 2-3 years now and so far they seem to be helping a lot. That being said, even if you purchase heat packs, we do not guarantee any plants shipped in cold weather.

Just a reminder, we are still selling our soil-less Hoya mix! At $8 each bag, it can make 5 plants in 6” pots happy or 2 plants in 8” pots. If you think this soil is too porous, just add a little bit or half of a good quality potting soil. Hoyas with really thick leaves will work just fine with the soil-less mix and no extra soil. This is also great for orchids! Did you know that we also sell Bonsai soil? We offer 1gallon bags for $8 and the mix includes lava rock, turface and pine bark. It is just perfect for your tropical trees.

I wanted to share a picture of a first time bloomer:
Hoya lambii. Hopefully will have some starters available next year on eBay!

I’ve never gotten around to talking about it, but I would really like to recommend to all Hoya lovers, the Hoya telegraph. We just love this book filled with interesting stories and gorgeous pictures! It is a little pricey, but you receive one every season and totally worth it. This would be a really nice holiday gift! For more information please visit:


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