Please stay away Hurricane Isaac

Well if you haven’t seen on the news, there is a now tropical storm Isaac heading towards FL. As of now, it is expected to turn into a category 1 Hurricane when it reaches FL. It may hit the west coast of FL (we are on the east coast) harder than the east coast, but will still be affected. What are we going to do with all of our hoyas???
In 2005, we got hit not by one, but two hurricanes. They were I believe category 2 and 3 hurricanes when we got hit. I believe the first one was Rita and the 2nd one Wilma. We prepared a lot for Rita and from what I remember we didn’t have as much damage as we expected. I remember we didn’t expect the 2nd hurricane Wilma to be so bad or even hit us at first and we weren’t as prepared. This hurricane took a crazy last minute turn and hit us as a category 3. Our nursery was extremely damaged. We haven’t had any hurricane’s since. I really hope this one misses us or is just a tropical storm.


We are still heading to Lake Placid, FL this weekend to participate in their Annual Caladium Arts & Crafts festival. Come check us out! I would suggest coming Fri or Sat because we may be leaving early because of the hurricane even though it is a 3 day event. You can find event information on our website

We added a few new hoyas to our website. We now have Hoya chuniana in 4″ pots $15 and Hoya sp. ‘Cambodia’ 4″ pot $15. We also added our soil-less hoya mix on the website for $8.


Don’t forget our tropicals!
-Angiopteris evecta, King Fern 6″ pot $60 just one available, where my fern collector’s at?
-Gardenia taitensis, Tahitian Gardenia 4″ pot $15 just a few left, rare! don’t have this one available very often, don’t miss out
-ADANSONIA DIGITATA, Baobab Tree 6″ pot $25 still available, only 2 plants, crooked trunks which are good for bonsai, first time available in a year
-CASSIA FISTULA, Golden Shower Tree 6″ pot $15, first time available in a year or more
-HOYA ALDRICHII IML 1418 5″ pot $22, this hoya has been available for a while, hasn’t been selling and not sure why, it is rarely offered for sale, flowers are supposed to be very pretty
-Hoya Ds-70 we have one plants available that is mounted for $18
Don’t forget to check out all the plants in the featured category
Also check us out on, username= rareflora

Now to end with a few lovely hoya pictures, enjoy!   -Paula

Hoya erythrostemma

Hoya fraterna



Hoya panchoi cf.



Hoya sigillatis buds

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