Summer Hoya Blooms @ Gardino Nursery

I wanted to share pictures of some hoyas that have been blooming this summer. Some are first time bloomers. Enjoy!

Hoya camphorifolia

Hoya davidcummingii

Hoya hypolasia

Hoya naumanii

Hoya pandurata

Hoya flavescens IML 1117


Hoya excavata

Hoya obtusifoliodes

Hoya glabra

Hoya fraterna buds (decided to blast on us đŸ˜¦ )

Hoya buotii

Hoya ciliata

Hoya fitchii (this time blooms turned out more pink)

Aren’t they just gorgeous!
Look for some of these rare ones from us on eBay, rareflora is our username.
Last chance to bid on some nice hoyas today. Auctions start ending at 10pm eastern time tonight.
New ones will be available tonight or tomorrow (Whenever I can get it done, lol).
We also sell more common Hoyas on our website:
Do you like other tropical plants? We have plenty of those for sale on our wbesite as well.
Check out some new and featured items available this week:
Bauhinia tomentosa, St. Thomas Tree 4″ pot $12
Cochlospermum vitifolium ‘Single flower’, Buttercup Tree 6″ pot $15
Gardenia carinata, Golden Gardenia 6″ pot $20
Gardenia taitensis, Tahitian Gardenia 4″ pot $15
Hoya macrophylla ‘Variegata’ 4″ pot $12
Hoya latifolia 5″ pot $15
Hoya kerrii ‘Fuzzy Leaves’ 5″ pot $12
Hoya macgillivrayi 4″ pot $12
Hoya archboldiana x onychoides 4″ pot $12

Have a great weekend everyone!

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